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Workman’s Compensation

Securing the benefits, for your patients, they need and deserve from their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance is never a simple matter. There is plenty of red tape involved that could easily result in the unfair denial of your patients claim, unless you have an experienced Medical Biller who works with Attorney or/and 3rd party Insurance payers, working for you.

We are experienced in working with Lawyers and Adjusters on your case. We work with the Physician, to provide the necessary paperwork and compensation reports, that are needed to have your patients bills paid.  We guide you through all the steps required to advance your claim.

WORKMAN’S COMPENSATION Quality Medical Examiner (QME)

Quantum Solutions is experienced in working with Lawyers, Insurance carrier’s adjuster, patient and the Provider in setting up and implementing the second Opinion Evaluation with the patient. Creating the necessary ML reports, billing Insurance carrier and follow through with the Patient and Lawyer. These evaluation can be complex and detailed so it necessary for the process to stay
Organized, complete and on point.

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