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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth – A virtual Solution that seamlessly connects Doctors and Patients.

Telehealth is a comprehensive virtual care solution capable of serving organization and people anywhere. It links local professions to facilitate the flow of information, consultation and referrals, elevating the level of care in your entire community. Hospitals can refer non – critical patients to practitioners and out of the emergency room. Almost all facilities can expand reach to understand population very cost-efficiently. Out system also works well for Chronic Care Management and report Patient Monitoring. Can be used with EMR or used as a standalone service.

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

This is a new program from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. That offers monthly reimbursement for the support you regularly provide patients between visits. Allowing billing for everyday activities done by your staff. (phone calls, refills, referrals, labs).  Incentivizes a higher standard of care for patients with multiple chronic conditions. Offers an additional $42 – $139 per patient per month based on time and complexity. A non-face-to-face service provided to Medicare patients who have multiple (two or more) significant chronic conditions. The sub-specialist who pay be providing a significant amount of care and treatment to one or more of the patient’s condition.

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