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Medical Billing and Consultants

Personal Injury

Through Documentation of Physician treatment improves your chances for a Full and Favorable Settlement.
Personal injury claims are not likely to be settled without the proper documentation showing that your Physician care was a reasonable and necessary medical expense.

  • Detailed medical charts, listing the extent and severity of each and every symptom.
  • Any and all treatment provided to the patient.
  • Accurate and detailed billing information, including the date, cost of each treatment, or office visit.

We have worked over the years with Multiple Lawyers regarding the information needed for claims against the Insurance companies. We know what is needed and how the process works.

Working With Insurance Companies

Working and billing 3rd party claims needs to be precise and how the Adjuster wants to work the claim. We have worked with and have developed a working relationship with many large Insurance payers’ adjusters. We can process these claims with little or no effort to get paid under 45 days.

Quantum Solutions has 30+ years in working with Physician on their Personal Injury and 3rd party claims. If you are not currently working Personal Injury or 3 rd. party claims we can help you establish this process.

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