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More Services

Soft Collections– included in claim maintenance. We print monthly statements to patients and enforce soft collections.

Audit Review – (a separate paid service) certified codes will provide a thorough review of your coding, billing and reimbursements process. 

Coding Review (a separate paid service) a certified coding specialist will personally review each and every claim to make sure you’re getting maximum reimbursement for every patient encounter.

Documents management tool – (a separate paid service) our web based document management tool lets you convert paper documents into electronic images. Scan and retrieve documents, quickly index files with optical character recognition, add annotation, print and email files, create virtual files cabinets, maintain the highest level of security, and keep a squeaky clean audit train for compliance.

EHR- Electronic Health records solutions. Under Office ally we can set up Provider to take advantage of EHR for each patients that requires it. A small monthly fee for this service.

HIPPA Compliant – Quantum Solutions has a HIPPA compliant I cloud based system with HIPPA compliant faxing. We do comply with HIPPA 45 CFR parts 160,162 and 164 and apply those rules to my practice.

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