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Cynthia Florez - My Story

Hello, I am Cynthia Florez the director/owner of Quantum Solutions. My story starts 30 years ago. I just filled in part time to help with Medical Billing in an Internal Medicine practice.
I quickly saw that so many Insurance payers squeeze Physician practices in so many directions. I wanted to help practices weave their way through Insurance carriers and patient collection payment so that a Physician practice can be as profitable as possible.

So in 2000 I started my own Medical Billing Company. It began to be important that I can answer my physician client’s questions with knowledge and directions. I began taking classes anywhere from Appeals to Victim’s crime. Victim’s crime compensation? Why is that important? A victim can get help paying their medical bills. Very important to the victim. Your patient.

I started consulting on how a practice can maximize its internal paperwork flow. Why is that important? It saves time and money.

Since I am ERISA trained I know when an insurance payer is using incorrect tactics to deny claims. I know what your rights are and I can enforces the laws to collect payment.

I can go into much more detail on my full services, but you can read these under the service tab.

Our main goal here at Quantum Solutions is to maximize your earning potential by reducing your expenses and increasing the net yield of your practice. In doing so, allowing you to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork. Quantum Solutions provides some of the most inventive and prevailing solutions in the market today.

We use Practice Mate but we can use your software platform. We provide you, with full control all the while giving you and your staff complete access from any computer with internet access.

I would love to meet with you and discuss my services. To see how I can bring an increased revenue and a piece of mind.

In these current times, you don’t need to have a full time medical biller. Only a Medical Biller when you need one. When you outsource you only pay on collected claims but have full time access to us. Outsourcing your biller relieves office space, employee sick time and compensations.

Here at Quantum Solutions, we recognize the day to day challenges of managing a longstanding successful business. We respect the distinctive aspects that your business has to offer and are able to work within the structure of your operations.
Quantum Solutions is your answer to all your Practice needs.

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