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Top Billing Solutions for your Medical Practice | Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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Quantum Solutions understands the difficulties of running your own practice. Why not limit that time spent on billing so you have more time and energy to put towards your patients. We can help reduce expenses and increase your net yield. The following are just some of the services we offer:

Iclaim – gets your claims paid fast, 24 hour access, real time report access.

Physicians toolbox – auto appointment reminders, contract negotiating.

Revenue cycle management – detailed reports showing solutions for every aspect of your business. Recover lost profit, audit control.

Idocsnow – electronic document management. No more papers and folders to deal with in your office. 24 hour access to your documents. It’s time to Go Green.

Quick Collect – managing your past due accounts. Reduce collection costs and increased client retention.

Audit Guard – protect against audits. Certified coders review your billing to guard profits and reduce errors.

Quantum Solutions is your answer for Revenue Cycle Management and Cash Flow Optimization. Call Quantum Solutions today for a FREE Practice Analysis at 909-927-8278. Visit our website and learn more about what we can do for your practice at www.quantum-solution.com.

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