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Cash Flow Optimization for your Medical Practice | Riverside, CA


Outsourcing your practice’s medical billing will prove to be more cost efficient than in house billing. To do your medical billing yourself, you will need to hire 1-3 employees, depending on the size of your practice, to handle the medical billing. You have to pay their salaries, medical insurance, employee taxes, etc. Then, there is the software, hardware and other equipment you will need to purchase.

By outsourcing your medical billing you will not only save money on paying yearly salaries and costly equipment, you will also see an increase in revenue. Here at Quantum Solutions, we minimize billing errors and can process more claims, more efficiently, which in turn creates maximum profitability.

Through the use of CMS, HIPAA and Meaningful Use Certified Electronic Solutions, you and your staff can access your billing information from any computer with internet access, leaving you in full control. Some of the services we offer are; iClaim, Physicians Toolbox, iDocsnow, Audit Guard and more!

Quantum Solutions is your solution for revenue cycle management and cash flow optimization. Call today and start saving money and time, 909-927-8278. Visit our website at www.quantum-solution.com.



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